How to create job ads that’ll attract the right candidates

Advertising is the most popular strategy to increase the number of people who see you’re listing if you need to fill a position and want to do it yourself. Advertising can be a useful strategy for recruiting, whether it takes the form of a sign on the door or paid advertisements on social media. Your prospect pool will be bigger and you’ll get more applications if more people are aware of your listing. Recruitment advertisement creation requires a special talent, and if you aren’t promoting effectively, you risk attracting low-quality applicants. It makes sense that so many businesses decide to completely outsource their hiring processes.

Choose Your Format

The first thing you must do is choose the format in which your advertising will be presented. There are a lot of alternatives to choose from:

  • Job postings that are paid for on websites like Indeed, Monster, or Glassdoor.
  • Advertisements on social media networks with large graphics.
  • Mobile ad networks with in-app advertising.
  • On Google search, conventional text adverts.

You must decide which channels you’ll use so that you may customize your advertising for the platform. Consider where your potential candidates hang out to choose the best channel. While passive applicants might spend more time on search engines or social networks, active candidates are going to be looking for jobs on job sites and LinkedIn.

Create a Significant Budget

Hiring a new employee has a price. Some of those expenses are internal, such as the price of the HR staff’s pay and the cost of the recruiting software. However, some of it comes from outside sources, such as the price of online job postings and background checks. It should go without saying, but you must be prepared to invest money if you want to hire strong individuals. It’s critical to ascertain your accessible budget for advertising. To increase your candidate pool, you should be able to reach a sizable section of your target market through a variety of websites and traffic sources.

Keep an eye on your entire budget. You can alter your budget based on how much you’re spending on each channel and which channels are sending the top candidates to your company. Spend less on Facebook and more on targeted Google Ads if Facebook is delivering you low-quality applicants while Google Ads is constantly sending you high-quality candidates.

Choose and Improve Compelling Images

It’s not necessary for the images you include with your job posting to be actual pictures of your workplace. They may be staged shots or photographs that depict what it’s like to work in a certain position. Including relevant photographs in your listings can make them stand out from the competition.

Make certain the photographs you use are of a high caliber. Images that are low quality, grainy, blurry, or poorly taken don’t make a positive first impression on your business.

Pick pictures that reflect the particular position that is being offered. For instance, a man wearing a hard hat and safety gear is not a good candidate for an office job.

Add modest branding to the picture. Include your logo in the uniform the subject is wearing rather than having it watermarked across the image. Colors should complement your overall branding.

It makes sense to take the effort to take high-quality photographs for the initial attempt because images are one of the most frequently split-tested components of the advertising that support them.

Word of Mouth Marketing

One of the best marketing techniques for staffing companies is word-of-mouth advertising, which is a very efficient approach to finding new clients and job prospects. Your recruiters are in charge of contacting potential applicants who might be a suitable fit for a position. Similar to cold calling, cold emailing is probably something your account managers or sales team members do frequently.

Offer a referral bonus to other team members to incentivize them to recommend job candidates and clients, if there is room in the budget for it. You might also offer a bonus or discount on future services to entice candidates and clients to spread the word.

Analytical Methods to Establish a Target Audience

Using conventional paid advertising, you select a target market based on the characteristics of current clients as seen through analytics tools. Compared to Facebook or Google, job listing websites are often much less sophisticated, however, they might offer some analytics services. You can still get a solid understanding of the characteristics you need in an employee and use those as targeting criteria

Check the platform’s metrics after running your job listing ads for a while. You should be able to identify the traits shared by your top candidates so that you may focus your audience targeting in the future.

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