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Today, finding the greatest talent is the most important aspect of doing business, therefore companies need to remain on top of the latest trends in hiring. The ideal candidates are identified by Maintec from a variety of sources, who then train them in the precise skill set needed by the businesses and place them with the clients after the training is complete. Companies may receive the resources they need with the precise skill set and technology for the project while saving a ton of time and money in the process.

Employers say that they cannot locate the right talent to meet their company’s demands, even though unemployment is a major issue worldwide. One of the primary obstacles is a lack of experience, and India is no exception. Businesses are under pressure to meet the expanding need for talent, yet too frequently, the talent pool lacks the technical training or soft qualities employers currently require.


Area of expertise development for recent college graduates is part of the Graduate Hire Train and Deploy solution.

  • Generic abilities in a lot of volumes
  • Choose the appropriate resource pool
  • Integrating learning with practical approach

Regular Hire Train and Deploy solution: Industry-wide core skills development for basic skills to increase productivity

  • Sequential Techniques
  • Training that is repeated in batches
  • On-the-job training combined with practical tasks

Custom Hire Train and Deploy solution: small-batch training for specific skill sets following customer needs

  • Super-niche and specialized skills
  • Headhunting
  • Analysis of training materials and certificates

Organizations are avidly looking for competent interns, graduates, and experts who can begin working right away without requiring extensive training. We created a training program that is advantageous to both sides to assist our clients in hiring a qualified employee. We have created a selection method that matches skilled workers with businesses that need their abilities.

Maintec Hands-on training for the most sought-after skills—including

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