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One of the best methods to build your own team and gain a competitive advantage is by hiring remote workers. We at Maintec Technologies are the top remote staff service provider, assisting you in securing the top personnel that is available remotely. We provide you with a complete staffing solution as a remote staffing expert without significantly impacting your financial strategy. As you take charge of your team and oversee your daily operations, we not only give you employees and resources but also provide continuing assistance for them.

We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the finest match since we recognize how crucial it is to have a flexible workforce easily available to manage your activities and jobs. With our methodical approach, we enable businesses to hire difficult-to-find talent at a price that is far less expensive and legally binding than recruiting a typical workforce.

We take pride in claiming to be the top remote staffing experts available in this cutthroat market. We are your one-stop shop for all remote staffing needs, from setting up personnel for unforeseen staffing needs to recruiting permanent personnel. Our remote staffing specialists collaborate closely with our clients and, using their knowledge, quickly put together a group of qualified individuals who are able to handle the job required for you.

Benefits of Remote Staffing

The term “remote staffing” refers to a model of employment arrangement where employees are based elsewhere than their conventional place of employment. This can be accomplished with technology, such as telecommuting or working from home, or by employing employees who come into the office on occasion. Remote staffing has various advantages, including more work flexibility, lower absenteeism, and time and money savings.

Remote work is all the way right now.

People are not reacting overly. Conventional work environments are undergoing a revolutionary transition as a result of advanced technology and an increase in employee demand for flexibility.

  • 18% of the world’s workforce engages in remote work
  • In a Zapier research, 95% of participants said they preferred to work remotely.

Focus on developing a supportive workplace culture, regardless of whether you want to offer one or two remote employees or a full virtual workspace.

Additionally, beginning a remote work programe will test your desire to: Upgrade your current workplace culture to a remote-friendly one, regardless of its success, given that candidates and workers value office culture over income.

It is challenging, but not totally impractical.

The following are some advantages that companies who opt to use remote workers can take advantage of:

  • Increased Flexibility
  • Lower Travel Expense
  • High Employee Morale
  • Less Absenteeism
  • Higher Productivity
  • Better Communication

Maintec's Procedure

Maintec follows a strategically planned and process driven approach in selecting the right candidate for our client organizations. Our Remote IT staffing service is based on a high end, turnkey and non-obligation solution -Hire Train and Deploy (HTD). With HTD program, Maintec follows an excellent screening process to find the right fit resource for client organizations specific business requirements.

  • Select the right candidate based on qualification aptitude test and technical assessment test
  • Assess the communication skills
  • Provide high end training by Subject matter Experts from global business destinations
  • Thoroughly gauge the client organizations’ technical requirements
  • Deploy the best resource matching with the client’s project requirements

Maintec provides resources for undertaking the graveyard shift mainframe operations of global organizations. Competent Mainframe professionals available for working in the second, third shifts, weekend and holiday shifts at an optimum cost is the highlight of our graveyard shift services.

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