Maintec Technologies was established in 1998 and is located in Raleigh, N.C., and based in Bangalore, India, with a focus on providing training for the latest technologies and IBM Mainframe training and IT staffing solutions.

We are the experts in providing IT staffing, staff augmentation or contract hiring solutions to organizations in all the possible vertical positions. We have the best talent acquisition team across India to provide fast, quality and cost-effective, end-to-end manpower solutions for our clients.

Maintec Technologies is a pioneer in incorporating Hire, Train and Deploy (HTD) model. HTD model is proved to be providing the cost-effective skilled talents that help the clients their projects efficiently. Maintec’s HTD model is designed in a way that it fulfills the organization’s need for trained staff before they can be on board.

Maintec’s HTD model is expertise in enabling your company to identify, train and deploying the right talent while you can focus on the other important aspects of the business.


Our Vision

We aspire to be the world’s best IT Solutions Partner, through technology leadership, innovation and a world class work force.


Our Mission

To Deliver Business Focused, IT Solutions for SMB’s across the globe, offering services like Hire, train and deploy, corporate training, managed services, and IT staffing services.



One of the things that are keeping CIOs and CTOs awake at night is staffing their mainframe data centers with qualified and skilled technology workers.


Maintec Technologies provides a cost-effective and efficient way to develop, implement and run business-critical applications 24×7, without upfront capital investment. Maintec Technologies offers a wide range of data center management and data center outsourcing services. Globally compliant operational principles, policies and procedures guarantee regulatory compliance and security. Maintec Technologies’ North Carolina data center has the complete IT infrastructure: hardware, software, security and storage. Maintec also provides a wide range of data center services, including z/OS, Linux and IBM i systems administration and programming. If needed, Maintec Technologies also provides IT staffing services, both at the client’s site and remotely.

Our Culture

At Maintec, we’ve worked hard to craft a positive working environment for our employees. We work hard with passion because we know our consultants come to us looking for their dream jobs, and clients stay with us because we have always fulfilled their requirements with our talented staff at the ready. We’re an intersection of hopes, of dreams, of problem-solving, and growth; it’s a responsibility we take seriously. Our cultural values help us handle this responsibility with integrity.

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