Maintec manages your RPO needs by handling the end-to-end recruitment cycle, operating as a seamless partner. Our prime focus remains on building a strategic recruitment platform that draws, recruits and preserves top-quality employees.

Clients using our RPO methodology have formed a sustainable partnership through consistent communication allowing Maintec’s professionals to surround themselves with in the client’s culture and enable them to understand the fundamental proficiencies of the requirements at hand.

Why consider RPO from Maintec

Save Time

With Maintec, you can depend on a team of professionals with a deep understanding of the legal, fiduciary, and administrative variation associated with the payroll process. Experts make sure a streamlined and efficient process that optimizes your investment


Our RPO services give the client the freedom to measure their selected services to accomplish their talent requirement and targets. Maintec RPO services help a client to apply their recruitment spend in a way that eliminates high-end operational costs.

Contain Costs

Keeping in mind the cost of resource allocation, compliance risks, and effective use of employee skills associated with internal payroll administration and processing, Recruitment process outsourcing provides a higher value that reduces the cost.


Maintec thrives to provide the positive consultant experience by considering the client’s branding as our own. This can be proved extensively in our end-to-end recruitment cycle that involves sourcing, recruiting talent and interviewing. The complete recruitment life cycle is handled by our dedicated team of account managers and recruiters, ensuring to meet all the manpower goals properly.

Mitigate Risks

According to a few studies, 30% of the companies are strapped with fines each year for payroll inaccuracies. Recruitment process outsourcing payroll can reduce these risks by making on-time and accurate reporting.

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At Maintec, we help the benefit as well as the outlook for the company. We provide business solutions in an accomplished way. We assist organizations meet their business needs. As we have the essential involvement in this field, meeting your requirements is never an issue with us. Learn more about how we can work together, contact us today.

Our RPO process starts with our clients’ goals. It’s a fully collaborative approach with us as strong yet flexible partners. We fully align to your corporate culture, business strategy and talent needs.

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