Project Based Staffing

Have a project but can’t find the right talent? Let Maintec handle all your worries!

Most of the companies facing challenges in hiring an employee for a project that will only take a few weeks or months to complete. However, many organizations or individuals often find themselves required to complete projects at standard rates and try searching people for freelance services like fiver, Upwork and freelancing. These technically skilled professionals are perfectly suited to get things done and finishing the short term projects in a given timeline.

Maintec takes a comprehensive approach to staffing and aligning the IT projects to get it done on time. While similar to Contract Staffing because the workflow, technical management, and payroll remain under our/your control, Maintec takes on more of a facilitator role overseeing the management of an entire team’s timely on and off-boarding, technical training, talent hiring responsibilities and knowledge transfer.

Benefits of Project-based Staffing?

Talent Availability Global Market
Standard cost
On-Time Delivery
Great Quality of work
More Innovative
Flexibility on Time Management
Experienced professionals
Hire Specific Experts
Future Availability

What Maintec offers?

Maintec’s project-based IT staffing services offer the hassle-free way of finding qualified and trained on/offshore resources in numerous IT verticals. A cost-effective staffing solution, Maintec helps organizations located globally to avail the best talents for offshore or onsite job requirements.

  1. Technically skilled and trained resources
  2. In-house trained resources with our proven curriculum (HTD)
  3. No overhead tensions of recruiting training and infrastructure cost
  4. 24*7*365 availability covering night shifts, weekend and holiday shifts
  5. Increased organizational efficiency and flexibility
  6. Pay only for resources not for managing them
  7. Significant Reduction in Cost
  8. Direct access to remote staff through email, Skype, VOIP or video conferencing
  9. Efficient reporting procedures to monitor productivity and results
  10. Immediate replacement to address attrition

We help the business to drive the best outcome of their project

  1. Information Technology
  2. Consulting
  3. Datacenter and infrastructure management
  4. Mainframe Staffing
  5. Staffing
  6. Program Management
  7. Project Management
  8. Engineering
  9. Professional Services

Maintec’s Procedure

A strategically planned and process-driven approach for placing the right candidate for our client organizations, we at Maintec are globally recognized to bring together both professional and organization require talent. We follow an excellent screening process to find the right fit resource for client organizations for specific project requirements.

  1. Select the right candidate based on qualification, work experience, and technical assessment test
  2. Assess the communication skills and technical skill
  3. Provide high-end training by subject matter experts from global business destinations
  4. Thoroughly gauge the client organizations’ technical requirements
  5. Deploy the best resource matching with the client’s project requirements

Experience innovative staffing solutions!!

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Maintec project-based staffing services help to free up customer organizations from overhead tensions of recruiting, hiring and training resources for critical Mainframe technical requirements.

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