How Hire, Train & Deploy Program help Fresher’s?

Any organisation or enterprise are in continuous need of a supply of resources skilled in a specific technology. Having access to candidates pre-trained and pre-assessed is an element of benefit to any company. Many organisations find it hard to approach a specific type of training. Furthermore, identifying the skill gap and getting resources ready to be deployed is one of the major challenges that companies have.

Oftentimes it is observed that many companies and start-ups end up paying a large amount of money in getting their candidates the required training to upgrade their skill set, which is required by the company. This is one of the major problems that every corporate company in the world are facing for a long period. To overcome this challenge and to save a good amount of time and money, there is a new service being approached by the companies called HTD- Hire, Train and Deploy. This model is specifically designed and based on the specific skill set required by the organisation, the HTD service providers train the candidates and deploy them to their clients once the training is completed. Through this companies save a lot of time and money and can get the exact skill set they need. This HTD model is becoming one of the most popular staffing services

According to recent surveys, it is believed that universities and colleges should initiate the steps in providing students with the very skill that is required for jobs and long-term success in any of the sectors. As skills are more important than credentials in some scenarios. If the candidate is having the right credentials but lacks the required skillset, then their degree is of less practical use. The corporations are financing the training for the freshers to upgrade their skill set according to the requirement of the company. All spending is done via internal training programmes or third-party training partners. Universities and colleges have misplaced this critical revenue system, as employees feel that their training or programmes are not industry-relevant.

Now is the time for the institutes to take the initiatives to work closely with the businesses before launching any training programmes. They will need to offer tailored courses which are relevant to the real job world. One of the best ways is to become partners with companies that are offering specific skill training programmes for the job aspirant employable and billable from the first day itself. Hence the HTD model-Hire, Train and Deploy is rapidly replacing the Hire-Deploy-Train model.

Now that’s a positive side of the business, but here are constraints as well, if one doesn’t understand well enough to get the desired output at a scale with consistency, repeatability and predictability. So why still it is a positive thing if everything works out in the required format, the results will be a win-win situation for the stakeholders and others too.

For Trainees:

  • High expectations lead to High Performance
  • Freshers work hard and concentrate more on their training and learning skill set as they know at the end of the tunnel there is a job waiting for them. Acquiring the training for the required skills for the hiring companies is more beneficial in comparison to finding jobs on portals and other routes on a daily basis.
  • Holistic and a better start with their career.
  • Get a faster rate of career growth and get multi-skilled
  • Get globally accepted courses designed by experts
  • Enhance business and technical competencies
  • Get better at problem-solving skills
  • Get deployed to top tech companies.

All the tech-oriented companies are getting benefited from this model. Everyday technology is changing and is getting upgraded and requires similar skillsets and resources. It is creating some challenges for the tech companies to upgrade and train their employees every alternate month to match with the new technologies launched. This is where the Hire-Train-Deploy model or service proves to be a blessing to the companies. With the help of this service/model, companies can hire trained resources for any technology they require.

This model works well with the freshers and for them to get hired at the top tech companies looking for relevant skillset resources. It is quite obvious that freshers and candidates getting out of college have the minimum knowledge and understanding of the current work culture, and boardroom strategies and might lack exceptional qualities. The hire-Train-Deploy model can play an important role in making these freshers’ jobs ready.

For any business or organisation, talent acquisition is one of the most crucial parts of today’s date. Organisations have to stay ahead with the most recent talent acquisition trends to get the best talent required. Hence Maintec helps enterprises and businesses to find the right resource and trained candidates with the exact skill set that is required by the company and deploys them to the clients. Which in turn helps the companies to save their money and time to get the right resources through these services.

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