How did Covid 19 impact with the staffing industry?

The labor market during the covid-19 pandemic, crumbled globally during 2020. One can experience a sudden and rapid fall even within the short-term period. Millions of lives were affected, many lost their jobs and the remaining were trying to adjust to the new normal- working from home as offices were closed. Many workers continued with their jobs in hospitals, grocery stores, and sanitary departments were still working under new protocols to reduce the spread of coronavirus. According to some of the surveys, it seems that by 2021, in the industry it was expected, the temp workers who were engaged in different sectors might grow by 22.7% to reach nearly to the count of 6 million active workforces. And also by 2025, next to China and the US, it was expected that the recruiting industry would recruit nearly 10% of India’s formal sector employment. These might seem to be unrealistic stats under the COVID-19 situation. 

Every count of projections suggests that the market is returning to approximately the $135bn mark for 2021 and hence the business that adapts to the situation and plants their stand firm will be in a position to acquire the advantage and also be the reason to change the terrain of employment. One can see that the healthcare and IT staffing recruiters are experiencing the most stable performance and the least to suffer the losses. The staffing agencies involved in hospitality recruitment were the most likely to suffer dramatic losses. We can see a slight dip in performance in the clerical and marketing agencies.

With all the issues and roll down effects because of the covid-19 pandemic, every employee is approaching proactive communication with their organisation in terms of their job security and the way ahead. At this time, it all depends on the organisation how to respond to their employee’s expectations at this very critical juncture, as this will have a very clear impact on the employee’s motivation, loyalty, productivity and the company’s reputation.WIth the employee working from home, organisations must be actively engaged towards improving and bridging the communication gaps. Regular communications with the employees can go a long way to motivate teams while reducing individual mental fatigue and stress.

It seems to many employees and organisations that the employees have gracefully adopted the work-from-home model. The surveys show that nearly 65% of the employees are happy with the tech support that is being provided to them by the organisations and the tech team to work efficiently from home. It shows that the companies are on the right track with their tech investments and communication systems. The third-party providers are preferred to work internally on a company’s platform. This in turn reduces the technology investments, it also has some constraints like inherent risks and less control. This way companies can be benefitted by creating and implementing the regulatory policies in exchange for sensitive information. For future efficient decisions and potential reference, different trustable project management tools can be used to make the system effective.

During this pandemic it is quite challenging for the managers to measure the performance of the employees virtually, for this they have to broaden their horizons and create a different approach towards evaluating the employees and the ways to motivate them. The managers are meant to manage the emotional quotient and should have more empathy, as one is unaware of the situation of the employee, so understanding the situations and also offering support rather than judgments will be more beneficial for the employee and the company.

Recent surveys have shown some great results with the increase in the productivity of the employees who are adjusting to their work from home routine. There are several factors which are affecting the employees and also the organisations. The employees are certainly worried about their families and also stressed out with their prospects about work conditions in the organisation at times.

As we cautiously move forward with our strategies over the upcoming years, nearly every recruiting company has initiated to take specific steps with their operations to approach new, fluctuating and hiring demands of today’s pandemic economy. At the very first benefit, Maintec staffing company is here to help. Our specialised and expert team of staffing and services are devoted to helping you recruit more positions, so you can concentrate on the growth of your business and achieve your goals.

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