How companies can grow employees work from home productivity?

With the ongoing pandemic, the world is moving firmly and steadily towards remote working, it is the new normal everyone is updating and adjusting to the new style of working and learning to maintain their work-life balance. All the top executives and the management understand and are working their way to make a better path to enhance the productivity of the employees in work from home routine. Whether it might be a company of ten employees to paramount companies with huge teams have accepted the situation and ordered remote working without any prior preparation to maintain the productivity of the employees in such events.

In this work-from-home situation, human resources have the majority of the responsibility for staffing solutions and employees to ensure that the employees get the required emotional and technical support during this crisis and they remain more productive and engaging. Even with this, organizations are planning to make it permanently work from home for the employees by making it more functional and also compensating based on the output. More productivity more of the compensation. This way organizations are continuously looking for a new and efficient way to increase employee productivity. Once the employees start to get better rewards for their work, creativity, and productivity, they will start contributing more than 100% and work harder to achieve their goals and make things better for the management which results in the growth of the organization.

Organizations and companies should always monitor and observe the changes happening in any of the employees through direct conversation or indirect conversation regarding the challenges they are facing. Any employee should receive a clear sign of support and care from the organization and the management. To start the regular quality conversations and discussions between the management and the employees, they should provide certain guidelines to the managers on how to approach sensitive issues to arise because of covid-19, including alternative work methods, job security, prospects, and crucial impact on staffing in the workplace. 

Organizations and companies should also make sure that their employees are equipped with all the latest technological hardware, software, and information they need to be successful. Which can be narrowed down to a smartphone or a laptop equipped with a mic and camera accessories. These are basic needs for any employee to use to report to their managers and to attend and perform virtual presentations and meetings with the team and the senior executives of the management. Even after fulfilling these requirements, it will be wrong to expect that every employee will be having knowledge or be comfortable with using any of the provided tools. In this virtual work profile, communication is one of the key elements. The two-way communication between the manager and the employee with the information and guidance they need provides the employees with the perspective they seek. This helps employees to keep their emotions in control and free from any negativity. Another thing to increase productivity is to create a working calendar, where every employee and manager will be posting their work schedule and meetings, this also helps to communicate openly and let the team know about the availability and plans. With all the sudden changes in work methodologies and communication patterns, managers are concerned and sometimes even frustrated with not having constant visibility of their employees as before. This will not only have a negative impact on the staffing services but will also indirectly stress the employees. The fundamental part for a manager in these particular times is to have faith and trust in his or her employees and support them in all possible manners. One will have ample time for an evaluation through performance management systems once the scale of the crisis lowers. It is also important to concentrate on the output and the results and not on the processes because there is the possibility of completing the task most creatively and not following the traditional way of doing the task.

Companies should render opportunities to share the success and also safety for the impact of negative results or failures, taking risks and getting used to the new normal, and improving their productivity only a few self-motivated connections can build that success. One has to make an effort to highlight the potential of the employees continuing to scale with their performance and activities.

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