How your first job out of college can change your life?

Everybody remembers their first job and struggles with creating the perfect resume right after college. It’s like a parallel universe outside the college, one has to be an avenger with the skills. For any fresher, the entry-level job means the first step towards the door of the company and not the position. At first, it’s not about the skills but the disciplines and ethics that you present to the team and the company. It is the first stage or the training days for the interns or the freshers working for any company no matter the size, sector, or location. But one has to understand the competition can be steep, so one should not assume, you will achieve the goal or be the first to land the job because you have your shiny degree with you.

According to recent surveys, universities, and colleges should take initiatives to provide students with the skills necessary for jobs and long-term success in any field. In some cases, credentials are less significant than talents. If a candidate has the necessary credentials but lacks the necessary abilities, their degree will be of little utility. Corporations fund training for freshers to help them update their skill sets to meet the company’s needs. One has to start planning and thinking carefully about what accomplishments were achieved in college outside the classroom and put it down in the resume perfectly. Start typing something that mentions that you have learned the discipline and leadership skills that will give you an edge over the competition in the resume.

The fundamental thing is to have an edge and efficiency both in person and in writing, which is an essential part of most of the work culture. Recruiter looks for that in candidates, especially entry-level freshers, and interns. A candidate with a great resume but with weak communication skills won’t scale the ocean and chances get less of being selected. One should have a clear understanding and way of putting their point. It is not about the job, but the path of progress and learning which will take you to places during this experience out of your college. Always have a plan for the future, let me elaborate, on what you want to do in the next three years or five years. Because recruiters and employers will ask and they want to know about your plans. Every day, technology evolves and is upgraded, demanding a similar set of skills and resources. It is creating difficulties for tech enterprises to upgrade and train their personnel every other month in order to keep up with the latest technologies. This is where the Hire-Train-Deploy model or service comes in handy for businesses. Companies can employ qualified resources for any technology they desire with the help of this service/model.

At the entry-level work profile, sometimes it is going to be hard as you are going to get a lower-end task, secondly, you must understand that you are being tested. If you want to succeed with the more exciting task to handle at your new job, you have to pass through those trivial ones out of the stadium. Don’t just finish the task by any means but take care of the assignments and explore new ways to complete them. Once you show them that you can handle these little jobs and do them a fine way, you’ll have the opportunity to get better and cool assignments on your way. Even if it seems trivial, or not relevant to your studies it can be challenging and frustrating but at this very stage of your career, you can learn and do a big favor by accepting these diverse work assignments. You must be thinking why? Because by making yourself involved in this variety of assignments you will find a way to do what you like to do. Even better than what you thought was good for you.

The work culture is completely different from college and the workforce, once you enter the workforce there’s more to it and unlike college, you complete the work, and it’s done. In the workforce, it’s not just what you do or how good it is but it is how you do it. It’s not a good or progressive sign if seem uninterested or not paying attention in the meetings and busy with your phone all time. Once you are in, it is important to find better ways of doing things and remain engaged and enthusiastic. The Hire-Train-Deploy model works well with freshers and helps them get employed at top tech organizations that are looking for resources with suitable skill sets. Freshmen and applicants fresh out of college are likely to have only rudimentary knowledge and awareness of current work culture and boardroom methods, as well as a lack of execution skills. The hire-train-deploy model can help prepare young freshmen for their first employment.

Furthermore, never stop learning, even after coming out of college, it doesn’t mean you’re done learning. Be smart and know that it is just the beginning. Starting your first job out of college, the pay is not great, not able to love the work assignments you are doing and everything is a test. But one has to accept the challenge and start working for your dream career. Talent acquisition is one of the most important aspects of today’s business or organization. To obtain the best possible personnel, organizations must remain on top of the most recent talent acquisition trends. As a result, Maintec Hire Train Deploy assists companies and corporations in identifying and hiring qualified employees with the specific skill set that the company requires.

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