Why consider RPO from Maintec

Save Time

When choosing Maintec, you rely on a team of professionals with a deep understanding of the legal, fiduciary, and administrative nuances associated with managing payroll. This combined expertise ensures a streamlined and efficient process that optimizes your investment.

Mitigate Risks

Penalties are not only costly but frequent, studies show that 30% of businesses are strapped with fines each year for payroll inaccuracies. Outsourcing payroll can reduce these risks by ensuring on-time and accurate reporting.

Clients using our RPO model have the freedom to measure their selected services to accomplish their talent requirements and targets. Our clients are able to apply their recruitment spend in a manner that eliminates high-end fees due to unwanted operational costs. This helps increase consultant quality and thereby eliminates any cost associated with poor hiring decisions and turnovers.

Maintec is able to commit and provide a positive consultant experience as we consider our clients’ branding as our own and become embedded in it. This is noticed extensively in our end-to-end recruitment cycle that involves sourcing, recruiting talent, and interviewing. Our dedicated team of account managers and recruiters manage the complete recruitment life cycle; certifying that the high-quality consultant influx is managed in the right manner to meet all manpower goals. 

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