What Should Employers Expect From Staffing Companies?

Organizations and employers opt for a staffing company to hire the candidates on behalf of their company. These staffing agencies fill the job openings and help the freshers and job seekers to find the best career opportunities relevant to their field, these positions can be full-time, part-time, temporary, contract-based, or direct-hire. If your business or enterprise requires additional hands or labor or candidates related to any field as required for a particular project, staffing agencies can help your business to save time, and provide other benefits like flexibility and lower the possible legal risks. Enterprises and organizations pay these staffing agencies for recruiting matching candidates for different levels of skilled job vacancies. These recruiting companies don’t charge the candidates for their services. This is important to remember since, while hiring firms may call themselves recruiters, they will charge you for their services.

This article is for company owners and prospective employers who have never collaborated with a placement agency before but want to engage with one to expand their company’s team.

Hiring cost of a staffing agency?

Staffing companies often charge between 25% and 100% of the salary of the recruited person. For example, if you and the recruitment agency agree on a 50% charge and the new hire makes $10 per hour, you will pay the recruiting agency $15 per hour for their services. If you hire a contract worker permanently, you may be required to pay additional fees for filling the position or contract buyout fees in addition to the markup.

What to expect from a staffing agency?

In today’s time with the increase in shifting of candidates more towards the part-time, freelance, and temporary work profile, staffing agencies have proved to be a crucial part to fill in the workforce spaces by finding the right talent efficiently and quickly.

A few points to expect from the staffing agency are listed below:

Fast Hiring

Over the past years, the job market and work profiles have changed and this has made the recruiting process longer and more challenging than before. One has to understand that along with the day-to-day chores, managers have to work even harder to find the best-fitted talent by reviewing tons of resumes and conducting interviews which become extremely time-consuming for them. A recruitment agency is well equipped with the resources and tools to prescreen and qualify the candidates and ensure the executives are continuously interviewing the candidates that are fit for the role. Any organization before engaging with any staffing agency must invest their time to search for a better and more trustworthy staffing agency and also have industry experience.

Saves Time and Increases ROI

Companies looking for credentials may occasionally have initiatives that demand a specialist or someone with specific knowledge. It makes no sense to recruit someone on a full-time basis for a temporary job that will only take a certain length of time to finish.  A recruitment company can match a business with a certified staffing specialist and save them time by sorting through the number of resumes, checking references, and fielding calls from individuals who may or may not be competent. Professional staffing firms assist organizations in locating temporary personnel while saving them energy/cost so they can focus on other elements of their operations.


For a variety of reasons, many organizations are delaying hiring full-time employees. An emphasis on leaner operations, on the other hand, has a lot to do with it. Companies are working to increase productivity and only hire people when they are really necessary. They need to figure out how to make sure that every penny they spend benefits the company. Temp staffing allows them to hire workers only when they are needed, and those employees are productive. Today most enterprises and businesses are following and going for the options such as a fluid workforce, that one can easily alter and adjust to the requirements on an ongoing basis. This flexibility becomes the priority nowadays in the process of bringing recruits that can easily adapt to the peaks and troughs of the company’s demands.

Reduced risk

Any business and enterprise that are involved are also surrounded by lots of liabilities and legal responsibilities for being an employer, such as paying taxes, covering insurance, and following all the applicable labor laws. From a financial and operational sense, hiring personnel entails costly risks, particularly if someone is sacked or quits unexpectedly. When you use a recruiting agency, they take on many of these responsibilities for you.  Furthermore, when it comes to contractual associates, staffing agencies are often considered to be keeping business afloat. It’s important to recognize that, for the most part, the staffing firm retains all accountability for the person while they’re on assignment.

Misconception about staffing agency

One of the most common misconceptions about working with a hiring agency is that it is too costly to be worth it. Many of businesses and organizations, especially small business owners, think why to pay this much amount of money when we can do the recruiting by ourselves? You may believe you’re saving money upfront, but utilizing a staffing agency may save your organization money in the long term.

The other myth that swirls around in the industry about staffing agencies is the quality of the employees and job seekers. Some businesses and enterprises think that the candidates that are channeled through the staffing agency lack the quality gene in them, they come through these agencies as they are not hired anywhere else in the industry.

You must first select a staffing firm that is appropriate for your company before you can recruit qualified individuals. Collaborating with an organization that has a strong reputation for abiding by ethical business standards is critical.

Finding the ideal Staffing company in India for your enterprise may take some trial and error, but once you’ve discovered one that offers excellent service and well-qualified individuals, stay with it. Furthermore, communicating with your agency representative about new employees might benefit you and the organization with current and future workforce searches.

Recognize that not every staffing firm is the same. Inquire about referrals. Concentrate your search on agencies that specialize in the positions you’re looking to fill. When qualified workers are freed up from other jobs, agency representatives will contact you if you build solid relationships with them.

Using a recruitment agency to recruit employees allows an organization to emphasize its growth, take on new short-term projects without adding to its long-term workforce, and reduce workforce and overhead when the initiatives are completed.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Recruitment Solutions. So whether you require temporary or permanent staffing, executive search, or payroll services, we can help. Our team is dispersed across the globe with a single goal in mind: to identify the best personnel to match your specific requirements. Your business may demand a specialized level of expertise and a precise position; regardless of the requirement, Maintec Technologies’ Staffing Solutions will support you in locating the best workforce for your company’s specific needs.

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