Top Staffing tips To prepare your business for Christmas

Whether you love Christmas or are a little bit of a Grump, the holiday season is here! And the lead-up to Christmas is the ideal time to attract additional attention to your recruiting brand by creating a good brand image that makes you stand out from the competition. Office parties are frequently thought of when personnel and the holiday season are being considered. There are other crucial things to arrange for in addition to the Christmas party, which is always a good idea. Now is the best time to start preparing. To prevent a disagreement with employees during the holiday season when feelings are at their peak, you must manage expectations for both the business and the workforce. December may be a frustratingly slow time for recruiters, so now is the ideal time to polish your branding strategy.  Of course, it depends on the industry. For individuals in the retail and hotel industries, hiring in December—unquestionably their busiest season—would not be recommended because all attention is likely to be focused on making sure the company can meet the increased demand.

Here are our top suggestions for getting your employees and company ready for Christmas.

Notify your workforce of any anticipated disruption.

This does not entail informing them of the business’s closure dates. It’s merely the first part. Additionally, you must describe how it will impact them. For instance, is the company closed entirely or merely to customers? Are employees required to use some of their paid yearly leave if they are not compelled to work during the shutdown? Is it unpaid leave, then? If you are asking someone to take time off, you must establish that you have the right to do so following any applicable awards.

Publish some celebrations on your webpage.

Like with any branding, you should start by looking at your website since this is effectively your branding and is where you want to direct both clients and applicants. One quick and simple way to make people happy is to just update your website’s logo to incorporate something holiday-related. Even a Santa hat photo-shopped onto your brand can give your site a festive touch. If you want to make your customers feel extra cozy inside every time they visit your website, you could even download a snowfall plugin. Don’t forget to update your social network profile pictures and cover photos!

Create Christmas bonus arrangements for the team

Christmas bonuses are frequently given to employees in several sectors. This is a fantastic demonstration of teamwork and respect. However, be sure to ask your accountant for advice. For instance, there is a strong chance that giving the same sum of money to every employee at Christmas may be perceived as a routine payment (rather than a bonus) and may qualify for superannuation.

The lineup for peak/off-peak times

For certain businesses, December and January can be a very slow (or very busy) time of year. Give some thought to your personnel needs in advance if your company experiences seasonal major increases or decreases in demand. Maybe you won’t even need a full crew to handle the few possible client calls. Or maybe your company does a lot of business around the holidays, especially on Boxing Day, necessitating the hiring of more workers to handle the increased demand. Whatever the situation, ensure staff rosters are established in advance so that employees may schedule their holiday commitments around work and are not caught off guard or disappointed by their lack of work hours (or holiday time). Additionally, you want to ensure that there are enough employees available so that the company is not left in the dark.

Promote Christmas posts on social media that are worthwhile.

In December, almost all of the information that shows up in our social media feeds is tied to Christmas, and for good reason—Christmas sells! Considering that December is a very busy month for most individuals (apart from recruiters), it might be quite difficult to get any engagement on material that isn’t amusing and holiday-related. Sharing holiday-themed content that is pertinent to your brand will therefore earn much more interaction than posting stuff that is “business as usual.” For instance, Advent countdowns are always popular because they serve as a countdown to some much-needed downtime! However, you must continue to offer content that is beneficial to your users and relevant to them. Additionally, you can take advantage of the holiday season to enhance your company’s social media employer branding. It will be a good approach to personify your business and make you stand out from the competition to post a photo of Christmas jumper day at work, the workplace Christmas party, or any other indicator that you’re getting into the holiday spirit.

A quick tip to wrap things up! Make sure you have a contingency plan in place, preferably two. Is there a senior employee who can be on call, for instance, if you plan to take a day off over the holiday season? Christmas is a time for gatherings with loved ones and friends. Make sure your company is ready so you and your employees may enjoy the season without being distracted by work and commercial concerns.

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