Flexible Staffing – Is it Right for Your Business?

Over a million individuals are employed as impermanent or provisional laborers in India. Why? There are various potential reasons, the main one being the allowance for flexible staffing.

A handful of instances can cause employers to take the pathway of temporary workers. Whether or not this pathway is the right choice for you can be determined by your current and overall staffing needs and if impermanent staffing assists you with tending to them viably. Continue to peruse for the advantages, extra factors, and how-tos of Contract staffing.


Whether you need more opportunity to take enormous actions or just need an extra set of hands, for the time being, Contract staffing is a great solution. The adaptability this provides employers can be valuable in many ways. Some examples of circumstances where temporary staffing is helpful are:

  • Businesses encountering responsibility changes.
  • Full-time workers expecting to take longer absences due to ailment, vacation, maternity or disability leave, etc.
  • The unforeseen unexpected departure of an employee you depend on greatly.
  • If you want more opportunity to assess a specialist’s exhibition before focusing on employing them forever.


Though temporary staffing considers adaptability and can be incredibly helpful to your organization, you must understand it fully and have someone to deal with the interaction. On the off chance that you have chosen to check it out, a few things to recall are:

  • The temporary employee is being brought in for a quick fix, however, they will in any case require some exhaustive preparation to be a viable help to your staff.
  • As this individual isn’t really hoping to be with you for the since quite a while ago run, your current team may not treat them as an ‘insider’. It is fundamental that they are treated as one of your group, so teamwork doesn’t endure.
  • Legal concerns may become possibly the most important factor if there is any disarray around the worker’s status and how they are treated in comparison with others. However, if you partner with a staffing agency, any of these issues will be overseen by them.


The industry your business is in decides a lot of whether impermanent staffing is a relevant answer for you. A few organizations may find it only complicates things further for them. That being said, staffing organizations will in general tend to stick to industries where the fit is right. Maintec Staffing Solutions benefits are:

Specialized divisions

Our advisors and experts from different industry domains have extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the unique skills and requirements of each industry and where to find the best ability around there.

Quick response time

Our data set is continually being refreshed with new up-and-comers from different enlistment drives, which provides us with a ready and qualified set of candidates. We continue directing the drives at our office across the abilities and keep up the great assets accessible to our customers as and when they have an interest.

Carefully screened, qualified candidates

Our comprehensive recruiting, screening, and testing process signifies that the applicants are qualified with the correct range of abilities to match the client’s requirements.


Working with a staffing office permits you to get the most out of flexible staffing solutions and ensures that you are covering the entirety of the essential bases. Let us do all of the snort work, so you have everything you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Advantages of using a staffing company include:

  • Reduced overhead expenses, such as healthcare, 401k plans, sick and vacation days, employer taxes, etc.
  • Less overtime pay, as work flood can be appointed to your temps.
  • Coverage for any unanticipated staff absences or emergencies
  • Qualified individuals who are explicitly picked by the organization to meet your requirements.
  • The handling of background checks, employee onboarding & paperwork, payroll & tax expenses, laborers comp, and joblessness benefits.
  • The ability to replace a temp worker with a different n alternate person when or if the fit isn’t right.
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