Social Media – A boon for recruitment

People use social media to express ideas, interact with each other and socialize. Social media can be a medium where recruitment can also be done by finding quality candidates and making real connections. On average, every internet user has more than 5 social media accounts on websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

This is a tremendous opportunity for modern recruiters to connect with quality candidates. Let’s dig into why recruiting through social media is better than any conventional method.

Modern Workforce

Recent college graduates, in general, spend a large portion of their free time on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Social Media has turned into the most open device to contact them. This workforce is so advanced with digital platforms and PCs, which are flexible and can without much of a stretch familiarize themselves with new innovations. 

Posting your very own customized ads for potential employment between the articles and posts they regularly read is the ideal method to contact them, stand out enough to be noticed, and gain their enthusiasm for applying to your job offer.

Targeting the Right Audience

Facebook is a prevalent alternative for organizations and promoters to post their content based on profiles, interests, and time. 52% of employers currently utilize social networking sites as a part of the enlisting procedure.

It is prudent to set the recurrence of your advertisement based on criteria that most match your necessities and you can cast a wide and targeted reach, whatever position you are looking to fill.

For instance, you can set certain parameters with the goal that all product engineers crosswise over India see your advertisement at precisely 10 AM local time when they look through their news feed. This is just a small amount of what social media advertising can achieve for you with regard to narrowing down your candidate profiles.

Background verification- with more Ease

 Checking your candidates’ social media profiles for more data is not a new thing. Interviewers, as a rule, check the professional version of social media, i.e., the LinkedIn of their candidate to see their professional recommendations, the content they share, social circles, and so on. Social media can likewise be utilized to decide whether the applicant is an ideal fit for the activity job as well as the organization’s culture. According to a survey by recruiters and hiring managers by Jobvite, social fit is key for most employers.

It is extremely normal that competitors don’t want to uncover any person during the interview and like to hush up about things;  social media can give an incredible understanding of who your candidates truly are before they even advance through the door.

Why do employers search in social profiles?

51% state that they’re hoping to check whether the candidate will be a solid match with the corporate culture.

45% are exploring potential contracts via social media to discover a candidate’s qualifications. 

44% of hiring managers need to check whether a candidate is creative.

Taking everything into account, associating with a more youthful and progressively unique candidate base via social media and using it successfully as a method for correspondence and enlistment is a decent method to set up a trust. Giving the duty of social media recruitment to a millennial group of recruiters and giving them a chance to interface with their similarly invested age of candidates can likewise be an incredible method to embed some friendliness into your enrolment design.

It demonstrates that your organization can adjust to new advances and patterns, giving the candidate enormous motivation to think about working for you.

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