Best Staffing Tools For 2022

The selection of the ideal candidate for an open post involves many factors. According to The Undercover Recruiter, 52% of hiring managers struggle to pick out top prospects from the plethora of available names, and 46% of talent leaders feel that discovering high-skill individuals is challenging in and of itself. Software and other digital hiring tools can greatly streamline the hiring process. For instance, LinkedIn mentions that they use hiring algorithms to locate the most effective candidate and reduce the time it takes to make an offer. I’ll share with you the best recruiting tools and staffing agency software in this piece, as well as some of their best features.

The process of posting a job, finding candidates, and reviewing resumes is managed and streamlined with the aid of recruiting software by both internal hiring managers and recruitment firms. The majority of recruiting solutions are designed to automate the hiring process and the tiresome, repetitive chores that invariably accompany it. Human resources professionals have more time and resources to devote to both improving the hiring process and self-development after typical paperwork is replaced by modern technology.

Recruiting tools aid in enhancing candidate experiences and ensuring a favorable perception of the brand, in addition to increasing the productivity of recruitment teams. LinkedIn claims that organizations with great employer brands experience a 28 percent decrease in organizational turnover and attract 50 percent more suitable applicants. Job searchers who enjoyed the hiring process are inclined to share their positive experiences with others online or in person.


Workable is an all-in-one recruiting platform that provides simple features to simplify the hiring process. You may use the system to advertise job openings, find prospects using a built-in candidate search engine, schedule interviews, and filter resumes using a smartphone, keep track of applicants, manage talent pools, and create budgets. Quick and simple onboarding is one of the Workable key advantages. On their first day, most new users are able to post their first entry without the need for training classes or user guides.

Smart Recruiters

An enterprise-grade recruitment software solution called Smart Recruiters is used to find, attract, and hire the best individuals. It provides the finest experience for both job seekers and recruiters, resulting in successful hiring. In addition, Smart Recruiters provides a number of add-ons to their core product, with Smart Assistant being one of them. Smart Assistant screens resume with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to quickly identify top candidates.

Amazing Hiring

An AI-driven talent recruiting platform is called Amazing Hiring. With a focus on technical sourcing, it offers the best user experience by giving users one-click access to the largest tech candidate pool, the most comprehensive tech stack information, and extensive customized communication tools to stand out from the competition.

Hacker Rank

Hacker Rank is a thorough tech skill assessment platform that aids in technical recruiting standardization and offers applicants engaging real-world exams and interviews. It will assist you in automating your tasks and streamlining the hiring process by being seamlessly integrated with your ATS.


A tech sourcing, screening, and talent mapping software called Devskiller can handle the entire evaluation procedure. By designing difficult and understandable examinations, it enables businesses to use tech skills testing as a competitive advantage.


With the help of the enhanced writing tool Textio, you can instantly strengthen the messaging of your job descriptions and add strong language suggestions to all of your employer brand content. The platform has the power to engage inactive prospects, draw in active job seekers, and even build augmented hiring teams within an organization.


With Calendly, you can connect with your best connections without exchanging emails back and forth because it integrates with your calendar to automatically check for availability. The most beneficial elements required for the typical application process are included in the free pricing plan. A premium plan would be a better choice, though, if more than one hiring party is involved in the procedure.


Zoom is an intuitive video conferencing tool with free features for private meetings. Organizing and conducting online video interviews with high-quality video and audio, recording, screen sharing, and other features may be done in a very easy way.


ZAPinfo is a Chrome plugin that may automate all processes associated with communicating with applicants. With one-click data-sharing capabilities with more than 100 sites that may be utilized for candidate sourcing, it reduces the outreach time.


Mixmax is a well-liked Gmail email automation application that boosts the efficiency of conversations with applicants. When Mixmax is integrated with the most popular ATS and CRM, it will properly complement and improve your recruitment stack.


Lemlist is an email outreach platform that enables recruiters to track email performance, personalize messages, and automate follow-up. Additionally, it is an email automation platform that enables customers to create personalized images, such as the corporate logo, company name, employee names, etc., automatically.


A platform for onboarding that is experience-driven, Enboarder aims to make your new hires feel at home. Tech recruiters can create interesting digital content that is automatically provided to prospective hires in an easily customizable timeframe.


The software for handling the onboarding of new employees is called BambooHR. It enables recruiters to give new workers an enjoyable onboarding experience that increases productivity. With the platform, paperwork is eliminated, and you can create welcome emails and IT checklists in advance for more thorough introductions.

The preceding list demonstrates the size and diversity of the recruiting software market. We are living in the era of AI, chatbots, and social recruiting, and maybe greater things are still on the way for the hiring process.

Even while not every organization needs the same tools or levels of automation, we are convinced that every recruiter will benefit from this list in some way. If you are unsure which recruitment tool is best for your situation, we advise starting by determining your goals and the essential characteristics that will help you achieve them.

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