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Red Hat is an American multinational software company and it’s one of the world’s leading provider of open source solutions and software, delivering high-performance and reliable virtualization, storage, Enterprise Linux, middleware and cloud technologies.

The need of Red Hat Certification

More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies trust and use Red Hat technologies in almost all industries and all the domains.

It is reputated for offering efficient, robust and stable solutions for industries, organizations and educational institutes all around the globe. Red Hat offers an array of certifications for job roles in system administration, engineering, and architecture, enabling professionals working in Linux to expand their horizons and land successful careers.

Red Hat Certification is considered a highly reputed and trusted stamp of knowledge and expertise that opens opportunities for employment in a Red Hat enterprise environment.

Red Hat certification training at Maintec

Maintec provides the best Red Hat Training in Bangalore, it offers all the courses associated with Linux systems at all levels.

The Red Hat Certification training includes basic topics that enable students to configure local storage, manage different file systems, user bases and also handle security systems like firewall, SELinux and Access Control.

Upon completion of our Red Hat training, you will be an expert in running and managing the entire network on your own. And, you will be easily placed in any company that requires the services of a Linux network administrator. The demand for Linux professionals is increasing day-by-day because more and more companies are switching to the Linux operating system. There are greater opportunities now, and once you attain your certification, you can easily apply for the relevant posts in big organizations.

We are offering the best Red Hat Training in Bangalore with a Red Hat certification that will boost your career prospects infinitely.

Career opportunities after Red Hat certification

Getting your certification from one of the best Red Hat training center i.e, Maintec will also help you find the right job as per your skills and level of expertise. Our best consultants will guide you through the placement process and ensure you get the job you deserve in the industry.

The certification offers a verification tool for employers about your skill-sets in Linux and helps you get a job with a leading IT company or an MNC using Linux as their operating system.

Why choose Maintec Technologies?

With Maintec, you can expect personalized attention, customized training, and a conducive classroom environment. You can also choose the right batch timings suitable for you and opt for additional trainer support as and when required.

High-quality content and study material are used by our expert trainers for the training. The curriculum selected by our experts helps you in clearing the certification easily. When you learn from the best Red Hat Training Center in Bangalore, you can look forward to a fruitful career in Linux.

Course Content

Installation of RHEL 7
Managing files from Command line
System and Kernel Services
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Standard input, Output & error Redirections
Managing Local Linux users and Group
Controlling Access to files with Linux file system
Files System Permission
Monitoring and Managing Linux process.
Overview of System
Controlling Services & Demos
Configuring and Securing Open SSH Services
Archiving and copying files between system
Accessing Linux file system
Analyzing and storing Logs
Controlling Services & Demos
Manage software packages from Red Hat.
User Administration
File Management
Networking configuration
Xen Visualization

Course Duration

Duration: 20 Days
Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM
Eligibility: 2018 & 2019 Passed out
Certification:Maintec Certification

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