The Application System/400 (also referred to as AS/400), now System i (also referred to as iSeries), maybe a sort of minicomputer produced by IBM. it had been first produced in 1988. it had been then renamed to the eServer iSeries in 2000 as a part of IBM's e-Server branding initiative.

Our AS/400 Training helps you to find out its user and managing skill. In AS400, AS stands for Application System, it's based on layered machine architecture. It enables the user to move to a new hardware technology at any time, without disrupting their application programs. IBM Announced a powerful new line of AS400 servers with faster processors which is additionally called as IBM i series with increased performance & greater flexibility to handle the multiple application workloads on one server. It provides contiguous memory between main storage, disk storage and also provides authority to feature any disc space.

Maintec Online Training covers a 100% Real-Time, Practical, and Job Oriented IBM AS400 Administration Online Training. Our IBM AS400 online course focuses on advanced level training from basic level training. The training focuses on understanding the system capabilities, program development tools, info ideas, and system management from a programming perspective.

IBM AS400 online training by Maintec is primarily responsible for learning the maintenance and administration of IBM iSeries (servers, multiple partitions), including message handling, command-line utilities, work management, device management, system configuration, system security, and backup.

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