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What might happen to your life or your business assuming abruptly, and startlingly, you lost the majority of your valuable computer data? Imagine a scenario where you had no contact data for your clients or customers, no records of your business exchanges, no monetary records, no documents, no structures. Would your business have the capacity to work, and assuming this is the case, to what extent would you genuinely be down before you were back to the same old thing?

In spite of the significance of our PCs and valuable information that they hold for us, actually most organizations and people don’t have ANY backup system or plan set up! Coherently, we as a whole comprehend the significance of having a PC backup system set up, yet the lion’s share of us has lack of backup system frameworks or more terrible, no computer backup system by any means!

It’s Not A Question of If It Will Happen, It’s what if it happens..

Awfully numerous organizations tragically think a disaster can’t occur to them, and many have officially paid the consequences for this frame of mind. They don’t see disaster recovery plans as a need. They would prefer to occupy themselves with “genuine” issues that they confront now, not with some “consider the possibility that” situation that may never occur by any stretch of the imagination. What’s more, it’s reasonable as well.

The attitude that an adequate disaster recovery plan is something that your business can put is truly a recipe for disaster. In the world of computers, disasters can (and will) happen. It’s not a question of “if”, it is a question of “when”. Will you be prepared?

In the event that your business depends on information, you require a server farm disaster recovery plan. Set up your server farm disaster recovery plan today! Studies have shown that many businesses fail after experiencing a significant data loss, but DR can help.

Recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) are two important measurements in disaster recovery and downtime.

RPO is the maximum age of files that an organization must recover from backup storagefor normal operations to resume after a disaster. The recovery point objective determines the minimum frequency of backups. For example, if an organization has an RPO of four hours, the system must back up at least every four hours.

RTO is the maximum amount of time, following a disaster, for an organization to recover data from backup storage and resume normal operations. In other words, the recovery time objective is the maximum amount of downtime an organization can handle. If an organization has an RTO of two hours, it cannot be down for longer than that.

Services offered for Disaster Recovery on i :

Constant Replication (HOT Recovery)

For all the mission critical IBM i applications which have critical RTO and RPO we recommend a High Availability (HA) system with constant replication.

We at Maintec provide DR Sites where the data shall be constantly replicated to our DR Site with the help of the replication software.

In the event of disaster, the HA/DR instance will be taken over with minimal outage. The outage in this case shall be for few minutes to an hour.

Online Backups (WARM Recovery)

Maintec Online Backup solution for IBM i (AS400, iSeries, i5, System i) involves a save of your IBM i Production server to an on-premise Virtual Tape Drive at our data center.

The initial save shall be followed by a periodic daily change to a data vault in Maintec data center.

In the event of disaster, we shall be able to take the data vault and restore the data to an IBM i server. The outage in this case shall be for 6 – 24 hours.

Tape Recovery (COLD Recovery)

Maintec Tape Recovery solution for IBM i (AS400, iSeries, i5, System i) involves saving the Customer’s data in a fireproof vault at our data center.

On a periodic basis Customer’s would send us the complete system save backup tape to the Maintec data center for storing and recovery purposes.

In the event of disaster, we shall be able to take the backup tape and would be building your LPAR on an IBM i Server. The outage in this case shall be for 24 – 48 hours.